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Andrew Greenfield Lockhart
Writer & Family Historian

They say everyone has a novel in them. Maybe so, but to reach the bestseller lists needs a miracle.
A writer needs a lot of luck just to be taken on by a mainstream publisher. But while you are waiting you can always do it yourself. Maybe, just maybe, you will achieve that dream ... but in the meantime have a lot of fun, learn about the business and perhaps bring reading pleasure to a few thousand people.

I love books and stories and always have done. I love reading them and I love writing them!

On these pages, you will find information about me and my work. And you can read and download free extracts without any commitment to buy. Of course, some of my books are for sale and you can buy them using Paypal, or by cheque.

And check out my ‘Free Stuff’ page for some of my miscellaneous work! And there is a link to book reviews I’ve posted on
I’ve also included links to friends and associates who are involved in the business of story-telling.

Please explore at your leisure.

I do hope you find something of interest. I always welcome fair reviews of my books [please see the ‘novels’ page], or comments on the site itself.
I have a dream today.               (Martin Luther King)
Welcome to my website!
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